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The most common form of ERT

The decision that leads to ERT aka estrogen replacement therapy (a more common form of hormone replacement therapy) is hard and once you make it you come to another choice, the form of ERT. You might think that this is an easy decision but think again. Different forms of ERT have various pros as well as cons. The benefits vary from type to type, and some people prefer one over another.

Estrogen-Replacement-TherapyThe choice of the ERT might not be your choice at all; it might be your doctors’ choice. Well, to be more precise, the doctor may advise you on which form of this therapy to take, and it is up to you to go with the advice or to discard it. Following the advice of your physician is advisable as they know what they are talking about.

Pills – the most common form of Estrogen replacement therapy

estrace-oral-tabletPills are the choice of the majority of women that opt for ERT. If you opt for the pills, you should take Estratab, Premarin or Estrace. Your doctor will give their opinion on the pills, and their pick will fall on one of these three. Other ERT pills exist, but their dosing schedules are complicated (when it comes to these three, you take one every day, and you don’t take them just before or after a meal). Now, like any other form of ERT, pills also have their Pros and Cons.

Pros of ERT pills: The oldest and the safest way to go through ERT is with pills. New and easier ways of ERT exist, but none of those have huge research background as pills. One of the beneficial effects of this form of ERT is that it lowers the risk


Cons of ERT pills: The main advantage of the high number of tests performed with ERT pills is the knowledge about the side-effects they may cause. Using estrogen pills as a form of ERT may cause side-effects in the form of increased risk of the stroke and blood clots. On its own, the estrogen isn’t going to cause serious side-effects, and it’s pretty safe to take the pills on a daily basis. But once those pills come in combination with progestin they increase the risk of heart attack and breast cancer.

Estrogen pills, like any other form of ERT that has its basis on estrogen, will cause several mild side-effects. Vaginal discharge, nausea, headache and swollen breasts are some of those side effects. Taking estrogen pills may have negative consequences for the liver and people that have suffered some form of liver damage should use another form of ERT. Increased cholesterol is a common side effect of estrogen pills in people that have stomach and liver problems.

Going for other forms of ERT due to known side effects of the estrogen pills may be smart, but you might think that over. The lack of known side effects in those alternative forms of estrogen replacement therapy is due to a small number of tests performed with those therapies.


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