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Life after hormone replacement therapy

Even to achieve a life without this treatment, the patient has to have a lot of resolves as well as faith in themselves. Like any other drug, the hormones that come through the HRT work wonders in your body. Some stronger variations of the therapy cause permanent changes in the biology of the patient. The system of a woman like that adapts to a new constant influx of the hormone, and it rejects small quantities of the naturally produced estrogen.

antidepressantIf you fail once then, you should try at least once again. That should be a philosophy of all women that are on their way to stop the hormone therapy. Stopping may cause the reappearance of the old symptoms, and the way you handle them will determine your future. When you fail to live without the HRT, you will automatically go back to it. That isn’t something terrible, and you just have to calm down and try once again. If you fail several times you might get desperate and you might think that it is impossible to stop HRT. But don’t give up. If you can’t get the therapy without any medical assistance, then seek it. Smaller doses of various antidepressants will help you deal with the lack of hormones from the therapy. Just be sure to pick weak antidepressants.

You have to fight for normal life after the HRT

Nothing is free, especially the freedom after long consumption of a particular medication. Even if it is just a hormone, your body develops a need. This makes HRT sound like a street drug, and if we take a look at a particular aspect of the therapy, we may allow the comparison. This therapy uses a hormone which your body fails to produce. Once you start the treatment, your body will use the hormone to negate the symptoms of menopause, and your body will adapt to an everyday existence of the hormone.

Once you stop the therapy, your body stops receiving the necessary ingredient, and it may reverse to its formal state. This, of course, means pain and suffering. But gradual stopping will make this path easier to thread.

Life after HRT – The fight continues

The exact moment in which you finally get over the HRT is incredible, but after that, the battle still continues. You have to keep those symptoms at bay, and in the case, they reappear, you have to be ready for them.


This implies a complete change of your lifestyle. Dietary changes are the first thing you will have to do. If you smoke, then the time has come to throw the cigarettes away. Regular exercises are necessary to keep your body in shape. Mental exercises like yoga and tai chi will help you deal with the psychological symptoms that may persist throughout the rest of your life.

All changes mentioned above have to continue as long as you live. This fundamental shift in the lifestyle will be hard, but you will be off the medication and free to enjoy some other pleasures you weren’t able to do while you were undergoing HRT.

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